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The founding members as well as the members of the Board of Directors are all currently members of the SLG64 class. The Foundation has, for 10 years, supported its projects successfully, it wishes to attract new members outside the SLG64 class, active members who are ready to continue the charitable work. If you are interested in taking up this challenge, send your intentions by email to

Regular members

The Foundation is a public organization and regular members have the right to vote at general meetings. To be a member, a donor must pay a membership fee set at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The contribution does not give the right to a tax receipt. It is used to cover the expenses of the Foundation.

Associate members

Associate members are sympathizers who wish to participate in the progress of the Foundation. These members are ready to support the Foundation's activities on a voluntary basis, to sit on committees to ensure the smooth running of projects and fundraising activities. These members are ready to integrate, if necessary, the administrative structure of the Foundation by becoming regular members.

Board of directors

  • Roger Bélizaire, President
  • Guillaume Sévère, Vice-President
  • France Bernard, Executive Committee President - Quebec
  • Marie Lissa Guérin, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Frantz Cartright, Administrator
  • Anthony Damas, Administrator
  • Rudolph Dupuy, Administrator
  • Édouard Saint-Lô, Administrator


  • Communication : Anthony Damas, Frantz Cartright, Marie Lissa Guérin.
  • Finance : France Bernard, Édouard Saint-Lô, Rudolph Dupuy.
  • Projects : Frantz Cartright, Anthony Damas, Guillaume Sévère
The  Foundation

Seeks to alleviate poverty and promote education of children living in disadvantaged, underserved areas of Haiti. This non-profit organization was founded by the Class of 1964 Institution Saint-Louis de Gonzague in Haiti (SLG64).

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Head Quarters
  • 1847 des Vents Street
  • Sainte-Julie QC  J3E 1L6
  • Canada