10 years already!

In September 2010, still shaken by the earthquake that ravaged Haïti, members of the class 1964 of the Institution Saint-Louis de Gonzague in Port-au-Prince, meet to plan how to help their compatriots. The needs are enormous as reported by several of them who travel to the country to help as best as they can. They create a foundation to alleviate poverty as soon as possible and advance education so that the sons and daughters of the country can contribute to its reconstruction.

For 10 years, the Foundation raises funds from generous donors and builds a kitchen to provide hot meals daily to the students of the Modern School of La Vallée de Jacmel. With the management of the School as an active partner, it builds classrooms for 7th to 9th grades which allow students to continue their education until they acquire their certificate of studies. Over the years, more than 20 students each school year, among the most disadvantaged, continue their studies at the school thanks to the academic support provided by the Foundation. The pupils also learn to grow vegetables, master the computer, appreciate reading in various subjects and also learn how to sew.

New challenges in 2020-2021

for the SLG64 Louis-Philippe Guérin Foundation
Support sustainable development projects

Promote the financial success of people in the community. Help them find projects that pay off in order to gain financial independence and be able to give back to the community.

Create an endowment fund

This fund will allow the financing of various projects in the years to come and will help ensure greater financial stability.

Continue to advance education

Recurrent projects are maintained to ensure the advancement of education, a sure bet for enabling development, establishing autonomy and alleviating poverty.

3 ways to donate

  1. By Interac: send your donation to fondationlpguerin@gmail.com
  2. On the website: click on MAKE A DONATION, then choose the project you want to donate to.
  3. By mail: send a personal check to
    SLG64 Louis-Philippe Guérin Foundation
    43 Bergeron Private, Orleans, ON
    Canada, K1C 0C2
The  Foundation

Seeks to alleviate poverty and promote education of children living in disadvantaged, underserved areas of Haiti. This non-profit organization was founded by the Class of 1964 Institution Saint-Louis de Gonzague in Haiti (SLG64).

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