Mission, Values and Goals

  1. Mission: The Louis-Philippe Guerin Foundation seeks to alleviate poverty and promote education of children living in disadvantaged, underserved areas of Haiti. The Foundation believes with our help the children will flourish and have the opportunity to reach their full potentials. This non profit organization was founded by the Class of 1964 Institution Saint-Louis de Gonzague in Haiti (SLG64).
  2. Our values: SLG64 initiated a collaborative project to help foster the education of the underserved young people of Haiti during a meeting in Montreal in 2009. Following the earthquake of January 2010, several SLG64 members went to the scene to lend a hand. They set up the Foundation, which was named after Louis-Philippe Guerin, one of their peers who passed away in June 2010, wanting to highlight his generosity, his active participation in the integration of youth in society and his courage and determination to overcome his illness. Altruism, direct involvement in improving the living conditions of the most vulnerable and the will to win despite adversity are the guiding values that direct all works and goals of the Foundation.
  3. Our goals: Alleviate poverty in Haiti by providing basic amenities, including food, clothing and school supplies to deprived children.  Contribute to the advancement of education of pupils and students in need by offering scholarships, financial assistance for education or training in Haiti as well as providing books to schools with a nonprofit mission. Educate and sensitize the population of Quebec and selected areas of Canada and the US in relation to education and life in Haiti by organizing conferences and publishing articles. 
Our Inspiration

Born in 1944 in Haiti, Louis-Philippe Guerin attended the Institution of Saint-Louis de Gonzague in Port-au-Prince, getting his degree in 1964. He arrived to Canada in 1965, where he completed his studies in Public Administration at the University of Ottawa. He spent his career at the Canadian Federal public service, as an analyst and specialist in policy and governance. Upon retirement, he became CEO of his own consulting company, he also taught at the School of Management of the Federal Public Service.

Louis-Philippe was involved socially in Haiti with youth movements like the Young Catholic Students (YCS). He devoted time to enhancing literacy, housing and food distribution in rural areas surrounding Port-au-Prince. In Canada, he worked as a social worker, alternating with his studies. Concerned with finding good homes for young people, he also ensured that they participated in sports and recreation to develop a strong sense of belonging and avoid dropping out of school.

Louis-Philippe knew how to share his enthusiasm, his love of life. He always had projects in mind and the determination to carry them out. Thus at the meeting of SLG64 in Montreal, he endorsed the idea of ​​a collective effort to assist in the education of young people in Haiti in order to increase the impact of individual donations that he and his colleagues were already making in Quebec and in Haiti. The creation of a foundation in his name will continue to promote the values that he supported all his life: sharing, participation in community life, involvement in activities that promote the wellness and education of youth, courage and the determination to face the vagaries of life.

Louis-Philippe Guerin led a valiant fight against cancer but lost the battle in 2010. He is now a shining star, enlightening and guiding us to carry out the projects of the Foundation.


The SLG64 Louis-Philippe Guérin Foundation has been registered with the Registraire des entreprises du Québec (NEQ: 1167 3461 89) since May 13, 2011.

The Foundation has also been registered with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) since May 29, 2012 (BN: 84383 6289 RR001) which authorizes it to issue receipts for income tax purposes.

The  Foundation

Seeks to alleviate poverty and promote education of children living in disadvantaged, underserved areas of Haiti. This non-profit organization was founded by the Class of 1964 Institution Saint-Louis de Gonzague in Haiti (SLG64).

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